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Will gender equality be achieved in the sciences? “Gender equality can be achieved, but we can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen. We need to ‘fix the numbers’ by recruiting more women into science and technology. We need to fix the institutions by implementing dual-career hiring, family-friendly policies, and new visions of

Don’t Give Up

You may want to give it all up.  I feel the same thing every day. I felt it yesterday but One thing I’ve come to learn is, it is in our nature to want to believe in something bigger than ourselves.   I mean, someone did climb Everest, right? No, not someone, many have actually.


The thing is, I think we all make these bad decisions. It’s part of being human.   Sometimes these decisions lead to self-discovery. So yeah, feel bad about the bad decisions you’ve made but don’t let it get to you. Bad decisions can only be bad when your next decision isn’t any different from the

About Me

The Journey of several rivers to meet the ocean is a long unstructured movement. A movement which seems meaningless, without purpose.  Carrying both Heavy and Light debris at its wake.  That debris wouldn’t stop its movement. Instead, it increases with speed, getting help from another unstructured river as his and together they move faster towards